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49th State Senator Deanna Demuzio Named “Tax Villain of the Month”

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SPRINGFIELD – Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), named State Senator Deanna Demuzio the “Tax Villain of the Month” at a press conference yesterday in Springfield, the Senators’ district. Tobin distributed “wanted flyers” for the tax villain that summarized how Demuzio earned the designation.
View coverage of the press conference by NBC TV 17 Springfield
Among other “crimes against taxpayers,” Demuzio voted to increase state personal income taxes 67% and raise the state corporate income tax 33%, from 7.3 to 9.7%. She also voted herself a pay raise.
Analysis of Illinois revenues for the first eight months of fiscal year 2010 shows an increase of $7.5 billion from the same period in FY2009. Comparing the same eight months against a healthier FY2008, revenues are still up $5.3 billion, or 13%.
Tobin asked, “Whose income has gone up 13% over the past 2 years and demands more money? Only Tax Villains like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and State Senator Deanna Demuzio, along with tax-raising allies like the Civic Federation.”
“All the talk about raising taxes is being sold under the guise of digging Illinois out of a ‘budget crisis.’ But what they won’t tell you is that total Illinois state revenue has risen every year since we first started tracking it in 2003.”
Quinn’s alleged “budget crisis” is caused by outrageous government spending, only the worst of which is the lavish, gold-plated benefits paid to retired government employees, including downstate and suburban public school teachers and administrators.”
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