96th Illinois General Assembly

Roll Call of Income Tax Hike Votes 2009

+ = Vote for Taxpayers

- = Vote against Taxpayers
Name District Party City Vote Name District Party City Vote

Pamela J. Althoff 32 R Crystal Lake + Terry Link 30 D Lake Bluff -

Tim Bivins 45 R Dixon + David Luechtefeld 58 R Okawville +

Larry K. Bomke 50 R Lincoln + Edward D. Maloney 18 D Chicago +

Michael Bond 31 D Grayslake + Iris Y. Martinez 20 D Chicago -


The following tables show how legislators voted on two income tax hike bills, House Bill 174 and Senate Bill

2252. On May 30, 2009, the Illinois Senate passed a bill to raise the income tax for individuals, trusts, and

estates from 3% to 5%. That's a 67% income tax increase! The bill would also raise the corporate income

tax rate from 7.3% to 9.7%, which will prevent the creation of at least 70,000 jobs. What legislators won't

say is that these tax increases will fund the lavish, gold-plated pensions of government employees.

See the Senate roll call below and the House vote for a 50% income tax increase on the reverse side.

How you can help

Contact your state representative and state senator and tell them to OPPOSE raising the state income tax

and instead INCREASE the amount government employees contribute to their pensions. If you don't know

who your legislators are, you can find out by calling the Illinois General Assembly at (217) 782-4141 or

(312) 814-6440. You can also visit and use the Legislator Lookup tool to search by district,

address, name, or zipcode.

Feel free to copy and distribute this flyer to your friends and family. It can also be posted to your favorite

online groups. Electronic copies of these votes as well as the top 100 Illinois government pensions are

available at

67% Income Tax Increase - House Bill No. 174

Senate Vote - May 30, 2009

Bill Brady 44 R Bloomington + Kyle McCarter 51 R Decatur +

J. Bradley Burzynski 35 R Sycamore + James T. Meeks 15 D Calumet City -

James F. Clayborne, Jr. 57 D East St. Louis - John J. Millner 28 R Bloomingdale +

Jacqueline Y. Collins 16 D Chicago - Antonio Munoz 1 D Chicago -

Dan Cronin 21 R Lombard + Matt Murphy 27 R Palatine +

M. Maggie Crotty 19 D Oak Forest - Michael Noland 22 D Elgin -

John J. Cullerton 6 D Chicago - Carole Pankau 23 R Bloomingdale +

Gary G. Dahl 38 R Peru + Christine Radogno 41 R Lemont +

James A. DeLeo 10 D Chicago - Kwame Raoul 13 D Chicago -

William Delgado 2 D Chicago - Dale A. Righter 55 R Mattoon +

Deanna Demuzio 49 D Carlinville - Dale E. Risinger 37 R Peoria +

Kirk W. Dillard 24 R Westmont +