Demuzio does not believe in parental choice of schooling.

Downstate Democrats Deanna DeMuzio, Gary Forby, Bill Haine, David Koehler, John Sullivan and Linda Holmes voted with Chicago area Democratic senators Crotty, Frerichs, Kotowski, Link, Raoul, Steans, Trotter and Wilhelmi in support of teachers' unions and against parental choice in education. Two Republicans also voted "No" -- west suburban John Millner and John Jones.

SB 2494 now moves to the Illinois House side, where State Representative Will Davis is expected to have a tough time getting the bill out of the Rules Committee. Davis shares legislative districts with Senator Meeks, but not the political clout to move the legislation towards passage. It will all depend upon parents and students wanting school choice to open up in Chicago and Davis' ability to form new coalitions in the House as to whether Meeks' effort will move forward.

DeMuzio may have voted against letting the general public make choices about their own child's educational choices due to playing favorites with the teachers unions, however her own grandchildren do not go to the public school that bears her families name, instead they are driven 1 hour away everyday and go to a private school in Springfield.