Who can we blame for Blago???

Chicago Tribune outs Senators against recall

January 5, 2009 by Jayme Siemer

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ShareThe Chicago Tribune came out with their own little attempt at transparency today when they published the names of the Illinois state senators that voted against giving Illinois voters the option of recalling their elected officials. Much to my delight, it came with a complimentary “happy new year” verbal thrashing as well.

So as the impeachment process escalates, remember: We’re in this disheartening situation because of choices Blagojevich has made. We’re here, too, because so many members of the Illinois Senate have enabled him. They had the chance to let us vote him out of office. They sided with him, and against the people of the state.


And, here is the list of offending, liberty-snatching senators:

*Michael Bond

*James Clayborne Jr.

*Jacqueline Collins

*John Cullerton

*James DeLeo

*Deanna Demuzio
*William Haine
*Don Harmon
Mike Jacobs
*Emil Jones Jr.
*Kimberly Lightford
*Terry Link
*Iris Martinez
*James Meeks
*Antonio Munoz
*Michael Noland
*Kwame Raoul
*Heather Steans
*John Sullivan
*Donne Trotter
*A.J. Wilhelmi
*Gary Forby (D) [did not vote]
*Mattie Hunter (D) [did not vote]
*Martin Sandoval (D) [did not vote]
*Louis Viverito (D) [did not vote]
*Chris Lauzen (R) [not present]

I hope the Trib remembers to publish those names again prior to the election, and when their ed board meets to make endorsements for 2010 and 2010. Based on this paragraph…

As we said at the time: Senate Democrats blocked recall. They didn’t just show distrust for voters. They showed contempt. Eight months later, here we are, having to rely on the legislature to impeach and convict a governor the people cannot recall. Don’t forget who brought us here.