I live in Calhoun and just before the Hardin parade day, one of Demuzio's thugs, stapled one of her "campaign" signs to the "Welcome to Hardin" sign as you come into town.  Sending a message " I own these people" .  If we were to do anything like that or any other politician, it would be considered, "DEFACING PUBLIC PROPERTY"!!!!!  So why can she get by with this???  Because we have let her and her family get by with raping us for too long!!  Many of us are having to tighten our belts, drive 2 hours across the river to keep a job or just lose our homes, while she voted to give herself a raise and all of her immediate family has a state job with benefits.  Are they so far removed from reality they cannot see what is really happening????  She will do or say anything to keep her job, after all her families jobs are probably depending on it too.  WHEN IN DOUBT VOT'EM ALL OUT!!!!!!