Demand the Freedom of Information Act

As the election approaches, the "Vote of no Confidence" that Brad Demuzio received from his fellow officers has yet to be revealed to the general public.  In the heat of battle as current Senator Demuzio stoops to an ALL time low of political mudslinging, her son hides behind his mothers skirt tails hoping to keep his job and hoping that she wins the election to protect it.  Its time this gravy train the Demuzios feel entitled too ends!!!!

CALL LISA MADIGANS OFFICE TODAY AND DEMAND A FOIA FORM in order to make this public to the average taxpayer in order to stop the DECEIT that Illinois politics is known for.  Here is her contact information:

West Central Illinois Regional Office

628 Maine Street
Quincy, Illinois

(217) 223-2221
TTY: (217) 223-2254