Friday, September 24, 2010

Demuzio ads too little, too late

from Judy Holmes of Jerseyville

I'm writing in response to a radio ad Senator Deanna Demuzio is airing. The ad states she is returning a month's salary to the state. Sorry Deanna - the return of one month's salary to the State of Illinois is way too little, too late!

Senator Demuzio voted with Rob Blagojevich the entire time he was in office and even voted to give Gov. Blagojevich a pay raise knowing he was under federal investigation. Senator Demuzio voted to expand legislator health care benefits by eleven million dollars per year. Senator Demuzio voted for the largest Tax Increase in the history of Illinois - a 67% tax hike on Illinois families and employers - thank goodness, this did NOT pass. Why would we continue to send someone to Springfield, who votes to give herself a pay raise one year and then the next year votes for the largest tax increase ever to pay for it?

Illinois is not a family enterprise for self dealing - we must stop the Chicago style politics for the few and get back to representing the people of the great State of Illinois.

Senator Demuzio's fingerprints are all over the fall of the State of Illinois - it's time to end the Demuzio reign. Deanna, keep your one month's salary -- we do not want it!